Our subsidiary service companies provide ECS with the mission critical resources necessary to self perform full service construction on turnkey EPC projects.
TD Power

T and D Power (TDP) is a union affiliated ECS subsidiary construction company that is committed to combining superior technical knowledge with advanced safe workmanship methods in the development and construction of North American EHV electrical systems. TDP's construction capabilities, including both overhead and underground EHV transmission systems, substations, and switchyards, positively differentiate them from others in this industry. TDP efficiently mobilizes labor resources nationwide. Founded on an innovative "safety is the first priority" culture, and a dedication to retain industry leading expertise with direct access to the finest company owned specialized equipment fleet available, makes TDP the industry's value-added choice for EHV transmission construction and maintenance.

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Energy Environmental Group (EEG)
Energy Environmental Group (EEG), a ECS subsidiary company, serves all environmental aspects of ECS' large-scale EHV energy infrastructure projects and development.  This exclusive environmental services group supports ECS clients with an inside view of environmental needs pertaining to transmission line, substation and switchyard construction.  Experience in this specialized construction field allows EEG to customize site-specific environmental plans, generate and execute Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), install and maintain erosion and sediment controls, and implement best management practices (BMPs). EEG is committed to providing industry leading service and quality while simultaneously protecting the environment and maintaining the strictest construction schedules. Proactive efforts between EEG environmental and ECS construction personnel strengthen ECS’s ability to successfully deliver highly technical and complex turnkey EHV projects in environmentally sensitive locations.

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AT Power

AT Power (ATP)
AT Power (ATP) is a non-union affiliated ECS subsidiary construction company specializing in remote, adverse terrain North American EHV transmission line projects. Compressed schedules requiring innovative construction techniques are the defining factors for choosing ATP professionals. ATP possesses the technical skill, direct access to a specialized EHV equipment fleet, and relentless attention to safety required to execute large scale EHV systems.

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